Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件

Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家をお探しですか? インテリアとして何かひとつでもアートを飾るだけで、部屋の中には高級感が溢れ完成された雰囲気になります。著名な画家の作品である必要はありません。個性的なイラストレーターや若手のクリエーターによるスタイリッシュなインテリアアート、熟練の技による工芸品など、あなたの審美眼に適ったアーティストや工芸家の作品がきっとあるはずです。 もっと見る

Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件の注目レビュー

Keenlee, LLC
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“We had a really great experience using Keenlee to find art for our new home. We were originally just looking to quickly fill a couple of walls, but with their recommendations, they introduced us to some local emerging artists that we got pretty excited about. We ended up buying a couple of pieces by a well-known local artist that we're extremely happy with! They paid close attention to our profile, including our budget, and didn't put any sales pressure on us at all. They were very approachable and easy-going and actually encouraged us to take time so that we felt sure. It's amazing that the service was free! Based on our experience, Keenlee has a huge network of artists and galleries both locally and globally (we were surprised to even have recommended options from France!). And everything they showed us was consistently high-quality. We're going to stick with them to find additional pieces as we continue to fill up the other walls of our home!”
Jim Misner Light Designs
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“I have worked with Jim for over 5 years and on over 10 different projects. He is professional, friendly, easy to work with and amazingly creative. Jim is an artist and a master of lighting design. I love working with him! I love designing amazing light fixture with him that are different and unique. If you ever want a creative and "one of a kind" light fixture for your home- Jim is your man!”
Majeski Design
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“Nathan designed and built a custom coffee table for us that is just fantastic. He selected interesting and gorgeous wood for the project and the artistic decisions on the form and proportions make the piece a routine conversation piece with guests.”
Flo de Bretagne
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“I own a couple of paintings by Flo. I love her work very much. It's colorful, fun, whimsical and adds a fabulous touch to my living room.”
Art Studio Sergey Konstantinov
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“Sergey does exceptional work. He is a great artist and restorer. Sergey has worked on some very important porcelain restoration projects for me. His level for detail and authenticity is exceptional.”
Lost Art Salon
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“The owners have created a wonderful resource for art in the Bay Area that is real, affordable and personal. It has authenticity. I recommend them frequently.”
Jeffrey's Murals
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“Jeffrey has done an excellent murals for our Little Prodigy Preschool in Mountain View, CA . Design on our Prodigy Castle. Ocean view next to our sand box and beautiful murals of sea and animals in our Event room at school. We highly recommend Jeffrey for his professional work and his good personality.”
Lynne Rutter Studio
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“Lynne is a multi-talented decorative artist who can do anything from murals and chinoiserie to gilding and faux bois. Her tremendous experience has lead to her start her inspiring blog "The Ornamentalist" and teach classes on some of the most rare techniques such as scagliola and Florentine furniture paintings. As a result Lynne is one of THE go to artists for specialized decorative painting in the Bay Area. Her creativity, skills and engaging personality make her an absolute pleasure to collaborate with!”
ArtHaus Gallery
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“James Bacchi and Annette Schutz are the consummate "Dynamic Duo" of the fine art world in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. They both have an innate ability to view the parameters of the design project and immediately make recommendations that are a perfect starting point for everything to evolve from or the final exclamation point in the space for that sense of completion. Their talent goes far beyond their vast knowledge and expertise, for they are personable and customer service oriented. James & Annette are known in the community for giving back and helping others, loved by designers and their peers, and greatly appreciated by the clients whose homes ArtHaus' fine art and sculptures grace.”
Morgan Mural Studios
Hillsborough, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 548件
“Morgan painted a mural in my kids' room. She created a custom fanciful design based on a few of my children's interests. She was super fast, efficient, and very professional. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with. We love the mural and would definitely hire Murals by Morgan again!”