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College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家をお探しですか? インテリアとして何かひとつでもアートを飾るだけで、部屋の中には高級感が溢れ完成された雰囲気になります。著名な画家の作品である必要はありません。個性的なイラストレーターや若手のクリエーターによるスタイリッシュなインテリアアート、熟練の技による工芸品など、あなたの審美眼に適ったアーティストや工芸家の作品がきっとあるはずです。 もっと見る
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Brandon Harder Art and Design
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
I hired Brandon to install about 15-20 pieces of art in my office remodel. He did a fantastic job, was punctual, professional and clean. Everything looked great!
Glassting Impressions, LLC
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Bob is the ultimate professional who’s attention to detail was amazing. He over exceeded my expectations and will use him again
Pamela's Painting Decorative Arts Studio
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Pamela's Painting Decorative Art Studio has done great work on my last two homes. Pamela's work is creative and always a one of a kind finished product. Back in 2005 she painted a full wall mural in my daughter's room when the new owners bought my home their daughter insisted that they don't paint over the wall because it was so beautiful and every little girls dream room in fact they even asked for her number so she could do additional work in the home. When I bought my second home I had to have Pamela help me with each rooms color scheme and she opened my imagination up to a beautiful color scheme that included two faux finished bathrooms and a beautiful accent wall in my living room. Her creative visions and experience made my home something that I could be proud of and opened my eyes to true home design. I found her prices to be very reasonable but most of all she always finished on time and on or under budget. Love her work and highly recommend her services.
Artistic Designs Gallery & Picture Framing
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Scott Engel is an artistic genius when it comes to framing and design. I never thought a painting could be more beautiful, but his framing took it to a whole another level of WOW. He made the painting pop, and the matte & frame matched perfectly to the painting. But he took a risk that was daring and different. I wish I had more paintings just so Scott could frame them! Thank you so much Scott!! You are the BEST!
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Michael Courts is a true craftsman of the type you do not come across to often anymore. His excellent woodworking skills coupled with a great eye for detail make for extraordinary (and unique) furniture pieces. As important for us was the fact that Michael's high-end and modern European style is hard to find in the USA, unless you are willing to pay top dollar. Michael created two vanities (of different types of wood) and a one-of-a-kind fireplace mantel for our 1929 house. All pieces turned out perfect and are a great fit! Ard & Viviane Crebas
Scott Kentner
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
You will see in Scott's photos the spectacular book case he made for us. The piece is solid and exquisite. People who visit our home are stunned by the quality of the workmanship of the piece --we decided to use it only to display treasures and a few books as its gorgeous and would be odd if we used it only in an office, as originally intended. Scott is incredibly talented, cares a great deal about his work, and is wonderful to work with. We have are looking forward to commissioning another great work from him very soon --a modified Moroccan screen that will serve as a spectacular window covering.
Amy Duke Fine Art
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Amy did an impressive job of evaluating the space and incorporating a blend of our input with her vision to create a beautiful piece that makes the room. Timely and professional on the business side and incredibly talented on the creative side, the entire experience was a pleasure. Thanks Amy!
Walls Elite Faux Finishing & Decorative Painting
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
This company does excellent work! Very detail oriented, professional and knowledgeable about their craft. This is not your ordinary paint job. They use the top of line products and provide outstanding service. I am very pleased with their work and highly recommend them.
Rossoto Art LLC
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
Perfection from beginning to end. Extremely detailed oriented. Mr. Rossoto listened to all we had to say, gave us feedback, showed us ideas that complimented ours and made sure that we had a clear vision of what we wanted. We interviewed several builders, but none was as honest and forthcoming as Mr. Rossotto. Believe me when I say that not only is he a builder, but he is an artist. His eye for color and detail made my house a dream home. People come into my home and just go wow. The color palate that Mr. Rossoto picked, the harmony and appeal that it gave my home is priceless. We started on 2014 and here it is 2016 and we are still using Mr. Rossoto for major additions to our wonderful home. We wanted a pool that would fit our needs and a back yard and deck that would be great for huge parties. I wanted more than a builder, I wanted someone who had vision and new about different elements, attention to detail inside and out, an artist. I can't say enough about his integrity, his craftsmanship and his ability to be on time and finish on time. His crew was clean and Mr. Rossoto was there to guide them the entire time. I can't believe this time, we got it right. A huge thank you to the one and only Mr. Rossoto & his crew. Thank you for making our dreams come true and making the experience a pleasant one.
College Park, GAのアート・工芸の専門家 341件
One of my favorite artisans ... I have several of his paintings in my collection, and they are all beautiful and unique!!