Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件

Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家をお探しですか? インテリアとして何かひとつでもアートを飾るだけで、部屋の中には高級感が溢れ完成された雰囲気になります。著名な画家の作品である必要はありません。個性的なイラストレーターや若手のクリエーターによるスタイリッシュなインテリアアート、熟練の技による工芸品など、あなたの審美眼に適ったアーティストや工芸家の作品がきっとあるはずです。 もっと見る

Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件の注目レビュー

Christina Twomey : Los Angeles Abstract Artist
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Love love love her work! We have a giant 6' piece in our house. It's gorgeous! She is insanely talented and very professional. A true 10 out of 10!”
Joseph & Sons Mosaic
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Mr Cohen does an amazing job for a great price. He's extremely polite and just gets the job done. no BS no extras”
Sistine Painters
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Jeremiah and I both worked on a large project in Boston alongside each other. Since than he has moved to LA and we have worked on 3 major projects here. So much of our work are the people we cross paths with. Paint and floors are the last stages on a project. With limited time and a lot of fine detail to do Jeremiah sailed happily through his project with a great sense of ease and professionalism. I have recommended him on many projects where he always shows the same consistent attitude. His ability to create masterful artworks is remarkable. He can paint ANYTHING! I have also hired him to paint on my own house! I would highly recommend him for any project you are considering. Laurie Crogan”
Lucy Jensen Mural Studio
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Lucy is an extraordinary artist. She has the ability to capture the essence of the details and render them in a softness not seen in the work of other artists. Plus she is delightful to work with. She produces a sketch for approval and keeps within the budget. You will not be disappointed.”
Fresh Paint Art Advisors
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Fresh Paint is an amazing source for contemporary art. No need to go anywhere else. As a residential interior designer in West Los Angeles, I have learned to rely on them to help me pick the perfect art for all my jobs.”
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“I hired Rebecca to paint some boulders in a landscaping job I was doing. She ws talented of course, but most importantly cooperative! Truly a pleasure to work with!”
Kevin Barry Fine Art
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“We reconnected with Kevin Barry Fine Art this year and had another wonderful experience. Everyone is so willing to help and the follow through is fantastic! Thank you all very much!”
THE FRENCH BRUSH Decorative Painting Studio
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“It has been a privilege to work with TFB on many different spaces at my current project, a 10,000 sq. ft home . Started as a simple Enhancement to some custom cabinetry, and the Owners of the house love the work, so they have come up with additional projects to further customize this already incredible residence. From Antique Glazing and painting interior plaster walls, to distress finishes, to architectural enhancement of vaulted ceilings. Artistically fresh with a depth that is difficult, or cannot be put into words. It would be hard to imagine The Home without what Carole has done, it has had such an impact.”
Melton Workroom
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Janice helped me design the perfect Roman shades for the dining room of our Prairie-style home, built in 1914. She sent me fabric and thread samples, was meticulous about confirming the measurements, and met a tight deadline. The shades enhance our beautiful windows and woodwork, and everyone who sees them asks how we managed to find shades that look like they were made just for our house. Well, they were!”
Yoshikawa Sculpture Studio
Beverly Hills, CAのアート・工芸の専門家 1,584件
“Yoshikawa is a gifted artist and wonderful to work with. He created an amazing water sculpture for the garden entrance to our home in Atherton. It enhances the beauty of the structure and gardens in an organic and subtle way. The process was easy and fun and the result a "10"!”