Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件

Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件の注目レビュー

Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
We have worked with Tamara on very sophisticated finishes during our renovation project of our Massachusetts house. Tamara helped us with gilding of complex and detailed wood trims and moldings, period wood details, french plaster work consisting of wall panels, ceiling designs and medallions as well as a variety of faux finishes. Tamara is an exceptionally gifted artist. She combines a keen knowledge of art with a sophisticated sense of applying her knowledge in different types of painting. Tamara made all our nice molding pieces become vibrant and alive. We asked her to match our plaster medallion finishes to the finishes of our crystal light fixtures ad the results were stunning. We highly recommend Tamara as an excellent well-rounded artist and a fun person to work with.
Gray Sky Designs
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
Gray Sky Designs was professional, complete and provided all services promised. Color consultation was excellent and resulted in a superior product.
Original Murals
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
Koshen created the colors, textures and finishes for our entire home. His creativity and ability to pair our love of favorite places and things with the design and setting of our home was outstanding. He is very detailed and thoughtful in developing a feel and atmosphere to suit the owner. The result is one of individuality rather then a basic designer look. Beautiful and timeless is every way.
Lisa Courtney Fine Art
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
I own a Lisa Courtney painting and it's incredible. I own a mid-century modern hotel and having her painting greet our guests sets the tone for their relaxing visit. Every time I see it I know I made my best decision as a completing touch to my mid-century modern space. Art is everything!
Live In Mosaics
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
I am a repeat customer! My wall mosaic holds a prominent place in my home...the love birds are so beautiful!! I also have a mosaic picture frame and set of coasters...which are wonderful accents to my happy and sunny life style! The speedy turnaround time from ordering to receiving was just as promised! The quality of workmanship is very skilled and creatively designed. I fell in love with mosaics after my first purchase!
Debby Krim Photography & Fine Arts
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
As a professional landscape designer I meet many extremely artistic and creative people. I have to say I am amazed at the talent and enthusiasm Debby Krim brings to every design challenge. A trip to her studio at 450 Harrison Street in Boston is a wonderful experience.
Danielle Pelletier Fine Art
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
Danielle's work offers subtle compliments to any space. While working with her, I was able to request general color themes that would best suit the existing decor. It is really nice to be able to add a reasonably priced painting to my kitchen.
Rosanna Bonnet
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
I bought a sun flower from Rosanna Bonnet, and totally fell in love with it. It is a piece of artwork that owns its own wall in my kitchen. I have it hanging so that I get to look at it at every meal. The piece is unique and gets frequent compliments. Rosanna has a picture of this particular piece on her site.
Lori Schouela Artist
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
Lori Schouela's art immediately caught my attention. Her work with mylar, ink and rose petals is so unique. It takes a patient hand and an eye for detail to create these gorgeous pieces. I recommend her art to anyone looking for an eye catching creation.
Ginger Moon Studios
Beverly, MAのアート・工芸の専門家 250件
My husband and I purchased a beautiful painting done by ZsuZsanna that we have hanging in our family room. It's vibrant colors and sense of motion really light up the space. She has a unique and exciting artistic vision. Her friendly and professional manner make her a joy to work with.