Chateau Properties, Inc.
Chateau Properties, Inc. is a real estate design, staging, and consulting firm owned by local real estate broker and staging expert, Greg Cooley. Chateau Properties helps homeowners strategically prepare their home for sale by assisting them in creating an incredible first impression that will ultimately drive buyers to offer the highest price possible for their home. Our Process: Step 1. Chateau Properties will provide a staging consultation that will formulate custom active buyer profiles to show the homeowner what changes need to be made for the least amount of cost that will eliminate visual buyer objections that could prevent the home from reaching it's full value potential. Step 2. Chateau Properties will partner with local contractors, assist in acquiring or leasing furniture, create 3D drawings of future renovation potential, and even coordinate an estate sale to execute the strategy created by the staging consultation. Step 3. After finalizing the first impression, Chateau Properties will hand over the project over to our preferred Real Estate Broker, COMPASS, or homeowner's current Real Estate Broker to sell for the highest possible price now that the home is ready for market. *Pricing is different for every project, and is based on the scope of services provided.

Art Selection, Color Consulting, Furniture Selection, Home Staging, Space Planning


Belle Meade, Brentwood, Forest Hills, Nashville, Oak Hill, Green Hills