Square Peg Inc.
Specializing in the finish phase of house construction. As expert tradesmen we work with architects and designers to satisfy clients seeking the highest standard of craftsmanship in custom woodwork and metal work. David Humphrey and Chad Hajek met as like-minded sub-contractors on a construction site in 1997 and joined forces with Leslie Humphrey to found Square Peg Construction April 28th 1998. As a trim carpentry business specializing in the finish phase of house construction, Square Peg now employs two additional carpenters in their 28 London Road wood and metal shop, and manage several carpenters in the field completing whole house trim-outs. Chad Hajek moved from Florida to Asheville by way of Alaska in '96 and takes full advantage of the mountains as a hiker, snowboarder and expert Max-Patch sledder. He is currently taking a break from company life.


Staircase Design


Asheville, Biltmore Forest, Fairview, Woodfin