Hi there! We love the ability to preserve, serve and build using reclaimed wood. REWOOD champions the use of weathered wood from old exterior building products into many services and products . The reclaimed world is full of wood that is in different "cured" states and has been a hardship for us builders. Twisting, cracking, expansion and contraction are a few common problems that woodworkers share in the planning of builds and choosing the materials to use. The reclaimed circuit is all over the place selling problem wood (not the woods fault). This is for many reasons that we can trace to variables of exposure. The origin of the wood i.e.. location, amount of time, water and sun are huge factors to the consistency of performance/availability. We practice a sustainable approach which roots in the belief that "All wood is created equal and together, we are the story". Our approach allows sustainable availability and consistency with the common woods used in our territory. We test and only select wood that has been through more than an average home can throw at it and recycle the rest to other uses. This means final products that are more durable and less active because they were "designed by nature". We are here to hand select and restore wood for the use in accent flooring, walls, ceilings, barn doors, floating shelving and shutters to name a few. True "Green" is a lot of brown mixed with love. We understand that not all people want to experience this "brown" part so we are ready to prepare wood up to the point where you want or create and service to the finish. At a personal level, I was born into a flooring family (5 generations strong now in California) and I have been building floors from scratch since I can remember. These problems in the industry with availability ( discontinued products) and performance needed a solution and that is how REWOOD started. This woodworking knowledge continues on through the practice of "responsible purpose" to an industry I love. Thank you to the REWOOD staff and clients for all the support to date. We are uploading to Houzz recently and will continue to. Thank you from the REWOOD family and its advocates for supporting responsible and bespoke woodworking!

Responsible procurement of Reclaimed Wood for the uses of Flooring, Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Shelves, Shutters, Furniture


Northern California