ReUp Design
ReUp (v): 1. To ReFurbish and give new life to old furnishings. 2. To provide an object with a new function or an unconventional use. 3. Taking items and spaces from blah… to ahhh! The ReUp name was born when designer Kristin Leigh decided to make better use of unwanted items, broken furniture, and overlooked eyesores. She took a rusted ladder and transformed it into a unique towel rack; took an ugly wine barrel that became a perfect breakfast-nook table; a pile of spent shipping pallets built into a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Taking that second, discerning look at pieces past their retail prime is what turned once-deemed trash into beautiful, kitschy, and even timeless conversation centerpieces. Recycling + Upcycling= ReUp-ing. ReUp Design & Events works with clients throughout our three-stage Design and event planning process. We are focused on open communication with you in consultation and proposal meetings, as well as staying within your budget, whether you decide to look for new pieces or utilize ReUsed items. If you’re simply looking to add some new interest to your space, consider us for ReUpping and ReFurbishing services. Using materials that are already available keeps home furnishings and accessories out of landfills, and money in your wallet. We ReUse and RePurpose pieces with a distinct preference toward natural products and found materials, which reflects our team's broader values of sustainable practices and simple living. ReUp Design & Events is happy to shop or provide assistance in selecting new furnishings, plus home and special event decor. We are very open minded, so please open up to us - tell us everything you want for your special events or new space. We strive to RePurpose and "Upcycle" when possible, but understand when sometimes you just want something new!

Interior Re-Design, Interior Re-Decorating, Home Staging, Floor Planning, Color Consultation, Material Selection, Event Design, Event Decorating, Set Decorating, etc.


Orange County, San Diego and LA