Nathalie Priem Photography
Nathalie Priem is an experienced and skilled photographer specialising in residential, interior design and architectural projects and lifestyle photography. Her work is predominantly used for websites, marketing, brand creation and editorial pieces. Nathalie has over 11 years of experience, shooting London’s most exquisite properties. She also shoots for clients in mainland Europe and the US. Her wealth of experience and keen eye for detail and styling, means she can always provide exceptional photography, tailored to her clients specific and unique needs. She also provides re-touching services, charged at an hourly rate, for those companies that have existing photography from previous projects that cannot be re-shot, and needs a little work to really shine (straightening, colour adjustments and other amendments). Please send requirements along with an example image, which will be re-touched to show you what can be achieved.

Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Property Photography, re-touching, Lifestyle Photography


London, UK, international