Mosaïque Surface
Luxurious mosaic and stone design. Mosaique et pierre haut de gamme. Mosaïque Surface specializes in custom stone mosaics. Our experienced team creates original and intricate murals, medallions, floors and table tops, and proposes a large variety of borders and field patterns. Recognized in the industry as a customer-oriented company, we deliver top quality products at competitive prices in both the commercial and residential markets. We offer a wide range of stone types, colors, and finishes as well as being extremely flexible in executing specific design projects. Founded in 1992, Mosaïque Surface implemented waterjet cutting technology several years ago; this enables production of very complex shapes that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional stone cutting tools. Subsequently, Mosaïque Surface has innovatively created a wide range of design patterns, applying traditional essences to sleek modern lines. Mosaïque Surface is located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal district of Montreal, Quebec. The showroom and shops are at the center of a vibrant neighbourhood where employees find themselves surrounded by, and participate in, an active artistic scene. Each company department is held to strict and often intricate specifications during each step of the manufacturing process. Good communication between each department enables a seamless process respectful of the time frame set at the outset of a custom order.

North America and Western Europe through over 300 distributors