Moger Mehrhof Architects
Architects Matthew Moger and Kirby Mehrhof, who have practiced independently for more than two decades, cofounded Moger Mehrhof Architects (MMA) in 2009 on the philosophical basis that architecture requires a creative exploration of the relationship between dwellings and the landscape they inhabit. Believing that buildings are bridges that form and retain connections to nature, to culture and among people, they consistently recognize the positive impact that structures can have on people's lives. Their approach starts with knowing that good design is born from a true understanding of the client's needs. It includes their passion and experience with sustainable design. And always, their goal is the elegant connection among materials, surfaces, and light. Their commitment to sustainable design is rooted in the site itself. They decide how to modulate the natural light that affects how we perceive a space. Whether positioning the building, deciding on how to optimize the potential for passive heating and cooling, or making the countless decisions about structure and function, they remain aware of the value of detail and execution. Architecture, Design, Residential, Institutional, Commercial.

3D Home Design, Remodeling, Sustainable Design


Philadelphia, Wayne, West Chester, Nantucket, Stowe, Seattle