StoGuard Residential
When housewrap was first used in the late 1960s, it was an important first step in the control of air and moisture flow through exterior walls. However, building science has evolved and the demand for more energy-efficient homes has grown, and the inherent weaknesses of housewrap have become more apparent. The problems with housewrap are that it allows air and moisture to penetrate the building envelope, and it’s not waterproof.* Because StoGuard is rolled or sprayed on, there is no space for moisture to get between the housewrap and water-sensitive sheathing. Holes caused by staples and nails, untaped seams and tears also compromise its ability to be an effective air and moisture barrier. Don't let the integrity of your new home’s exterior be compromised with an ineffective product. Use StoGuard - the next generation of air and moisture control. *Problems with Housewraps-Research Report - 0106 - Joseph Lstiburek 2001