Henry Woide
is a professional architectural and interiors photographer based in West London. Henry’s fascination in architecture stems from how people coincide with their surroundings. Keeping architecture as the focal point he strives to portray this interaction in his photography. Utilising both natural and artificial light he creates mood and atmosphere within the space. Henry has been commissioned on architectural projects throughout London and Europe. During his spare time, he travels to photograph new and interesting architecture around the world.y. Henry utilises specialist lenses, flash lights and natural light of the space to create mood and atmosphere in the imagery. Room dressing and shot set up are essential to Henry’s work, applying his knowledge of interiors to appropriately streamline elements of the interior to showcase the architectural features in each frame. Henry is currently working on a number of architectural projects throughout London and Europe. His most recent project for CV Villas delves into film work portraying property in its active environment utilising cinematic lighting, motorised components and aerial drone footage.

Aerial Photography, Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Property Photography


London, Europe


Published and Runner Up in National Geographic Competition