Gossen works to create innovative and sustainable products that turn your house into a home. Bringing cellular PVC to North America, Gossen has a long history of creating revolutionary products for your home's interior, exterior and entryways. Since it won't support moisture or mold, cellular PVC has an impossibly long life cycle, making it among the most sustainable materials available. Incredibly low maintenance, the use of Gossen products omits the need for harsh chemicals, greatly reducing VOCs. Use Gossen Deck & Porch to create outdoor living spaces of unmatched beauty. Our outdoor flooring has all of the functional benefits of cellular PVC, but we are the only board on the market that really looks like hard wood! Plus, it is ideal for uses near water. Gossen Deck & Porch boards will not ever absorb moisture, so pool decks, docks and marinas stay sturdy, smooth and safe for bare feet. We hope you enjoy learning about all the wonderful ways Gossen can turn your house into a home!
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