Weersing Furniture Design
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Design, fabrication, and concept development for commercial and home furnishings and related art objects.

Design, build,concept development, and consultation.

North America
連絡先: Randy Weersing
所在地: 1102 River Loop One
Eugene, OR 97404
コメント: What is the cost of this table Hello Geraldine, Thanks for your interest. The "Conundrum" set of tables was a one off set and completed cost was around $7000 for the set. If I were to build it again the cost might be 20%...
コメント: Buying accent tables No rules, but if your space is strongly committed to a particular style (and you like it that way), you may want to go easy on the eclectic approach. Some photos would help. Regarding furnishings from...
コメント: Awkward angle in kitchen - need storage solution! I think a free-standing piece in that location might look awkward...pinched in between the pass-through and door opening. It might work if it could be very tall and narrow, but that would not provide ...
コメント: How to select fabrics to reupholster living room sofas and chairs? Thank you. I look at color first to narrow down the selection, be sure to look at colors in the same light as the setting. Once the appropriate colors are chosen...the next variable is solid vs. pattern. If a pa...