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Brick Garden Architects is a garden-design and landscaping company based in Osaka, Japan. We offer a complete service from initial design to construction. All of our gardens, whether newly built or renovations of on existing space, are carefully planned to fit in with the overall design and aesthetic of the house. Our design ethos is to create long-lasting gardens which will improve rather than diminish over time. One way in which we do this is by mostly using durable materials such as brick or natural materials like stone, wood, and plants. ブリックガーデンアーキテクツは“建築を活かすガーデン&エクステリア空間のデザイン”をおこなう設計施工の会社です。 ガーデンアーキテクトの視点から、自然素材にこだわった永く愛される快適な空間をご提案させて頂きます。


北摂、阪神、京都、奈良エリアを拠点とする関西一円, 東京、愛媛、UK要相談


一級建築士 一級造園施工管理技士

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