Hiding TV and lift in furniture next to furniture with matching custom cabinets

Cabinet Tronix displays how custom beautiful matching furniture can be placed on each side of the fire place all while secretly hiding the flat screen TV in one of them with a motorized TV lift. This solution is great option versus placing the TV above the fire place which many home owners, interior designers, architects, custom home builders and audio video integrator specialists have struggled with.

Placing the TV above the fireplace has been in many cases the only option. Here we show how you can have 2 furniture pieces made to order that match and one has space for storage and the other on the right hides the TV and electronic components. The TV lift system on this piece was controlled by a Universal Remote so the home owner only presses one button and the TV lifts up and all components including the flat screen turn on. Vise versa when pressing the off button.

Shabby-Chic in design, this interior is a stunner and one of our favorite projects to be part of.

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オレンジカウンティの小さいシャビーシック調のおしゃれなLDK (フォーマル、白い壁、濃色無垢フローリング、横長型暖炉、石材の暖炉まわり、内蔵型テレビ) の写真 —  Houzz
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