Kitchen Remodel Upper St. Clair

Concealed behind this elegant storage unit is everything you need to host the perfect party! It houses everything from liquor, different types of glass, and small items like wine charms, napkins, corkscrews, etc. The under counter beverage cooler from Sub Zero is a great way to keep various beverages at hand! You can even store snacks and juice boxes for kids so they aren’t under foot after school! Follow us and check out our website's gallery to see the rest of this project and others!

Third Shift Photography

他の地域のトラディショナルスタイルのおしゃれなホームバー (ガラス扉のキャビネット、グレーのキャビネット、珪岩カウンター、石タイルのキッチンパネル、濃色無垢フローリング、I型、シンクなし、マルチカラーのキッチンパネル、茶色い床) の写真 —  Houzz

Houzz 寄稿者のコメント:

Tina AdvaniさんがアイテムをMy ideasに追加しました 6 時間前

I like the drawer in the lower left side of the picture with the liquor bottles and cups in the top of it

anotherhollywoodさんがアイテムをChicago Bar/Fireplace Ideasに追加しました 一昨日

I like the look of this. Don't need the wine area though since we have a wine fridge already.

Anna ZMさんがアイテムをwebuser_747677170's ideasに追加しました 4 日前

Down size this look for end of current cabinets....

tlynnfederさんがアイテムをKitchen - built in cabinets and wine cellar wall unitに追加しました 6 日前

Love the wine bottle storage; the lit glass cabinets; the area above for decorative items. The pull-out doors are great too. I would add wine glass storage where the wine glasses hang from their stems.

Jill SeaksさんがアイテムをJill's ideasに追加しました 2020年7月31日

liquor as trash pull out. top pull out for drawer

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