Dramatic wood burning stone fireplace is the living rooms focal point

デンバーの巨大なラスティックスタイルのおしゃれなリビング (薪ストーブ、石材の暖炉まわり) の写真 —  Houzz

Houzz 寄稿者のコメント:

Nayeli VargasさんがアイテムをPrincipals of Designに追加しました 2021年3月12日

Emphasis. The focal point of this picture is the large stone fireplace. The fireplace is dominant in the pictire but not too overpowering.

dylan yagerさんがアイテムをDylan yager principles of designに追加しました 2021年3月3日

This picture shows emphasis because the fireplace is the main focus of the room.

Kailey StevensさんがアイテムをKailey Stevens Principlesに追加しました 2021年3月3日

Emphasis - This large fireplace is the focal point of this room. It is the dominant feature, and it strengthens the overall mood by making the room feel more powerful

Noah VangさんがアイテムをPrinciples of Design Portfolioに追加しました 2021年3月3日

Emphasis. The fireplace is the first thing you see, and everything around it is noticed second to the fire place because of its massive size.

Anna NowinskiさんがアイテムをAnna Nowinski Ideabookに追加しました 2021年2月23日

Focal point. The very large fireplace is the focal point of the room because, not only how tall it is, but also how big the stones are in it. It is what your eye goes right to. This gives off a homey, but also calming vibe because you walk into the room and it does not make you feel overwhelmed, but it almost amazes you with how big it is. It also makes the room feel a lot bigger.

Yousef MadkourさんがアイテムをElements And Principles Of Design Yousef Madkour Block 4に追加しました 2021年2月23日

Focal point of th fireplaces especially the painting catches your eye

Samantha Sudikさんがアイテムをemphasisに追加しました 2021年2月11日

In this picture, there is emphasis on the fire place. it is the focal point.

KaDee Johnsonさんがアイテムを3 Topics (Focal Point, Asymmetrical, and Symmetrical.に追加しました 2021年2月11日

Emphasis (Focal Point): The focal point is the fireplace with the picture at the back of the room.

Esmeralda Perezさんがアイテムをbalanceに追加しました 2021年2月11日

emphasis. this pictures main focus is the fireplace.

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