Le Petit Chalet

A durable, meaningful design heals a devastated residential property bordering Acadia National Park and Somes Sound on Maine’s Mount Desert Island. Comprehensive stormwater management strategies shape new landforms, resulting in elegant grading and thoughtful drainage solutions. Native plant colonies stabilize the site, regenerate habitat, and reveal wildlife patterns. Exquisitely crafted new masonry, built from an authentic palette of local reclaimed materials, gives the garden a unified, established feel. Lichen-encrusted stone retaining walls define edges, thresholds, and overlooks, and thick slabs of salvaged granite embedded in the earth provide gathering terraces and pathways. With balance restored, brilliant seasonal drama unfolds.

ボストンのラスティックスタイルのおしゃれな裏庭 (日陰、階段) の写真 —  Houzz

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This photo comments has all of the plants listed Very helpful guide

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Woodland plantings lush with ferns

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Steps natural looking side of property