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Framed Prints by Framing to a T Framers + Designers

Framing to a T Framers + Designers are stockists of the exclusive Slim Aarons' images. His photography documents "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places". Aarons captured this idyllic world of the 1950's, 60's and 70"s and these images are printed from the original darkroom prints. Framed Slim Aarons prints are available at Framing to a T Framers + Designers, please contact us for more information.

Slim Aaron's | Tennis in the Bahamas
Two women stand talking to a man on the edge of a tennis court in the Bahamas, circa 1957. Behind the main group stand a second group of people talking.

—  Houzz
O/K Apartment
Teddington House
Dot's House: Living and Dining Area
The Dragon Lake
Briar Hill Traditional
11 West 11
Historiska Hem
Contemporary and Colorful Kitchen