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almost 7' (~84") long and about 33" high built to hold a concrete top it will be 32" deep divided 2/3 by 1/3 for the first 10" (south end) and half and half for the rest so that there are storage areas about 22"/11" and 16" deep, respectively,. It will be on casters. It will be over, hopefully, a four plug outlet (but at least a two plug) so there will be a hole up through the kitchen side and over the right hand garbage side so that a heavy duty power strip can sit on maybe a little shelf of it's own so that the plugs are easily accessible from a cut out (maybe with a pop up door if laminent?) in the counter top. Maybe this little shelf and opening can coincide with a shelf and opening for the garbage bucket positioned over the left hand garbage side? The bucket is about 10" tall and 8" wide (opening would need to be deep enough so that the bucket lid would be exposed when I opened the pop-up door and wide enough so that I could easily get the bucket out for removal. 4 areas underneath on kitchen side: on the end is a lip about 10" that folds down then the first area underneath is open and about 10" wide as is the second (one for burning and one for dumpster garbage), third is a about a 26" wide cupboard with two sides (doors?) with a bottom shelf at floor level and one in middle (these will hold baskets for plastic food storage and at the top will be a shelf about 4" for paper towel, food wrap, wax paper, etc.; last is a section of open shelving about 36" wide - the bottom shelf at floor level and will about about 13" for pots, the second will be about 10" for pots and the top two will be about 5" each - - the top one of the two will be a slide out with an outside raised edge for cooking utensils; the other/lower one will be for pans. On the front side, there will be shelving on the south end (opposite the garbage container openings) for cookbooks - probably 3 levels for about 20"; then there will be shelves for bakeware - dimensions tbd note to self - plates, bowls, eating utensils, colanders and measuring stuff to go on stove side another note to self - one pantry will include appliances (mixer, griddles, etc.) and largest pots, cast iron pots, clay-ware, vases; second pantry - maybe "junk drawer" plus paper products, cleaners, vaccuum, lightbulbs third pantry is for food incl cereal, canned goods, another note to self - the unit in the back entry area will have bar stuff, (small frig for drinks?), holiday and large serving stuff, table service items incl placemats, display areas for tbd but including enamal-ware, sponge-ware, apple-ware, fiestaware, etc. another note to self - think through where toaster - butter - honey will go; another note to self - think through where "junk" will be incl pens, hammer, a couple screw drivers, tape, paper, etc. - - remember Alexa; also remember phone books will go in office; think through what to do with frigerator pics and magnets


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