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Centerville Residence

House of Jade Interiors. Centerville residence living room.

ソルトレイクシティにあるトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなリビングの写真 —  Houzz

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Becca DuValさんがアイテムをDesign Consultationに追加しました 2018年7月22日

I love how the printed rug balances this space. Unfortunately, two old dogs make nice rugs totally impractical at this point in our lives, so our white rugs are staying (as they're easily bleached and spot-cleaned). Again with small but high-impact warm tones. I love the impact of this huge mirror. We get very one-direction natural light from the adjacent parlor, so this would be great to bounce that around.. but we have a large alley-facing window on that wall that may make it hard for this idea to translate...

Becca DuValさんがアイテムをgranbyに追加しました 2016年6月13日

I love a good hodge-podge of design influences

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