Harlem Apartment

Another view of the living area. An extra large modern art piece was used in the small space. The turquoise blue lamp base is one of a pair, with the other lamp used in the bedroom. The lamps were differentiated with two different style lampshades.

Photo: John Dolan Photography

ニューヨークのエクレクティックスタイルのおしゃれなリビング (青い壁) の写真 —  Houzz

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bianca2ndさんがアイテムをFamily Roomに追加しました 2019年1月9日

The arrangement. This room feels harmonize

sraezerさんがアイテムをLiving Roomに追加しました 2018年12月31日

Large Artwork in juxtaposition to desk.

Houzz ユーザー:657231635110さんがアイテムをwebuser_657231635110's ideasに追加しました 2018年12月31日

Like room - interesting, colourful, full of life

goatleapさんがアイテムをLiving Room Ideasに追加しました 2018年12月31日

Add Table Lamps Placing table lamps in strategic spots is a great way to add indirect lighting and create a sense of warmth in your home. Take a look around and see where you need good light for reading, knitting, playing games or other tasks. Chances are there is already a side table or an end table nearby. Place a lamp on it and adjust the shade and height until the light is in just the right spot.

Houzz ユーザー:872465529さんがアイテムをwebuser_872465529's ideasに追加しました 2018年9月22日

This conversion of nightstands to a console table is absolutely inspired. I see these at secondhand stores all the time, for practically nothing — but what a creative statement they make repurposed in this way. And don't limit yourself to this style: Almost any pair of tables that will snuggle up against each other will work.

Harlem Apartment
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