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Mason Mill

Mali Azima

アトランタにある広いトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなLDK (白い壁、淡色無垢フローリング) の写真 —  Houzz
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Victoria Harrisonさんがアイテムをバウハウスが現代デザインに残した5つの影響とは?に追加しました 2019年3月9日


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AlexさんがアイテムをMy ideasに追加しました 2019年7月13日

Cool set-up. LIke the painting and the color scheme. Too cold , though

Kathleen WarlondさんがアイテムをLivingに追加しました 2019年4月10日

2. ‘Modern’ materials If you like to embrace new materials and technologies, then you’re definitely channelling the spirit of the Bauhaus. The designers and students of the school were interested in experimenting with the new, particularly in their furniture designs, where they played with materials such as tubular steel and steam-bent plywood. Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair (pictured) by is one of the most famous examples of this, with its distinctive tubular-steel frame imitated many times since. It wasn’t only frame materials that were examined and reimagined, though. The Bauhaus had a dedicated weaving workshop where students experimented with new fabrics and construction methods, bringing together craft, design and technology in a new way.

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