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International Style

Originally built in the 1930’s emerging from the International Style that made its way into Minneapolis thanks to visionary clients and a young architect, newly graduated from the University of Minnesota with a passion for the new “modern architecture” The current owners had purchased the home in 2001, immediately falling in love with style and appeal of living lakeside. As the family began to grow they found themselves running out of space and wanted to find a creative way to add some functional space while still not taking away from the original International Style of the home. They turned to the team of Streeter & Associates and Peterssen/Keller Architecture to transform the home into something that would function better for the growing family. The team went to work by adding a third story addition that would include a master suite, sitting room, closet, and master bathroom. While the main level received a smaller addition that would include a guest suite and bathroom.

BUILDER: Streeter & Associates, Renovation Division - Bob Near
ARCHITECT: Peterssen/Keller Architecture
INTERIOR: Lynn Barnhouse
PHOTOGRAPHY: Karen Melvin Photography

ミネアポリスにあるモダンスタイルのおしゃれな家の外観の写真 —  Houzz
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Sharonさんがアイテムをexample exterior styles for husbandに追加しました 2022年9月5日

Art Deco House: glass block contruction has new methods for str n efficiency now

Fatima AlverdinさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2022年9月2日

Art Deco: has smooth horizontal lines that represent speed

Alana Fabbri-AlvarezさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2021年6月28日

Art Deco: because of the cubism shown in the architecture of this building, This style of house was definitely inspired by art deco.

Cam HillさんがアイテムをDesign Historyに追加しました 2021年6月28日

Art Deco -This building is inpsired by the Art Decor period because of its geometric patterns, tiering, rounded corners, cubism. The architecture and design of this building is very similar to the Greyhound Bus Terminal, which is a well-known building from the Art Deco era.

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