Garage Update on Cavender

After cedar lining the garage we added instant character for not a lot of money.

ダラスのエクレクティックスタイルのおしゃれなガレージ (1台用) の写真 —  Houzz

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Laundry, small refrigerator and cabinetry.

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Once we are using the garage for garage stuff, this seems like a nice set-up

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Storage. Garage cabinet systems have similar dimensions to those in kitchens. You can buy base units that are 24 inches (61 centimeters) deep, but some come in depths of 12 or 18 inches (30 or 45 centimeters) as well. Coordinate these with the dimensions of your car so you will know how much space you can use for storage Lights? stairs 8 inches

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Les armoires suspendues au-dessus du sol.