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サンディエゴにある広いトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれな玄関ロビー (淡色無垢フローリング、黒いドア、白い壁、ベージュの床) の写真
Christian Rice Architects, Inc.
Christian Rice Architects, Inc.
平均評価:5つ星中 星520件のレビュープロフィールを表示

Alameda Residence

Coronado, CA The Alameda Residence is situated on a relatively large, yet unusually shaped lot for the beachside community of Coronado, California. The orientation of the “L” shaped main home and linear shaped guest house and covered patio create a large, open courtyard central to the plan. The majority of the spaces in the home are designed to engage the courtyard, lending a sense of openness and light to the home. The aesthetics take inspiration from the simple, clean lines of a traditional “A-frame” barn, intermixed with sleek, minimal detailing that gives the home a contemporary flair. The interior and exterior materials and colors reflect the bright, vibrant hues and textures of the seaside locale.