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Super Studio

Designed to maximize function with minimal impact, the studio serves up adaptable square footage in a wrapping almost healthy enough to eat.

The open interior space organically transitions from personal to communal with the guidance of an angled roof plane. Beneath the tallest elevation, a sunny workspace awaits creative endeavors. The high ceiling provides room for big ideas in a small space, while a cluster of windows offers a glimpse of the structure’s soaring eave. Solid walls hugging the workspace add both privacy and anchors for wall-mounted storage. Towards the studio’s southern end, the ceiling plane slopes downward into a more intimate gathering space with playfully angled lines.

The building is as sustainable as it is versatile. Its all-wood construction includes interior paneling sourced locally from the Wood Mill of Maine. Lengths of eastern white pine span up to 16 feet to reach from floor to ceiling, creating visual warmth from a material that doubles as a natural insulator. Non-toxic wood fiber insulation, made from sawdust and wax, partners with triple-glazed windows to further insulate against extreme weather. During the winter, the interior temperature is able to reach 70 degrees without any heat on.

As it neared completion, the studio became a family project with Jesse, Betsy, and their kids working together to add the finishing touches. “Our whole life is a bit of an architectural experiment”, says Jesse, “but this has become an incredibly useful space.”

ポートランド(メイン)にある低価格の小さなコンテンポラリースタイルのおしゃれなアトリエ・スタジオ (板張り天井、板張り壁) の写真 —  Houzz

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Blair LindseyさんがアイテムをSantos Dumontに追加しました 2022年6月18日

If the art room can’t be all glass…this is an option

sajejaさんがアイテムをoffice/guest rooomに追加しました 2022年6月7日

What’s not to like? Down to the dress form

alliecat1961さんがアイテムをCook Shack Rebuildに追加しました 2022年5月25日

Sloped design with tall windows.

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