Scotch Ridge Rd

This decades-old bathroom had a perplexing layout. A corner bidet had never worked, a toilet stood out almost in the center of the space, and stairs were the only way to negotiate an enormous tub. Inspite of the vast size of the bathroom it had little countertop work area and no storage space. In a nutshell: For all the square footage, the bathroom wasn’t indulgent or efficient. In addition, the homeowners wanted the bathroom to feel spa-like and restful.

Our design team collaborated with the homeowners to create a streamlined, elegant space with loads of natural light, luxe touches and practical storage. In went a double vanity with plenty of elbow room, plus under lighted cabinets in a warm, rich brown to hide and organize all the extras. In addition a free-standing tub underneath a window nook, with a glassed-in, roomy shower just steps away.

This bathroom is all about the details and the countertop and the fireplace are no exception. The former is leathered quartzite with a less reflective finish that has just enough texture and a hint of sheen to keep it from feeling too glam. Topped by a 12-inch backsplash, with faucets mounted directly on the wall, for a little more unexpected visual punch.

Finally a double-sided fireplace unites the master bathroom with the adjacent bedroom. On the bedroom side, the fireplace surround is a floor-to-ceiling marble slab and a lighted alcove creates continuity with the accent lighting throughout the bathroom.

他の地域の巨大なトランジショナルスタイルのおしゃれなマスターバスルーム (シェーカースタイル扉のキャビネット、濃色木目調キャビネット、置き型浴槽、コーナー設置型シャワー、一体型トイレ 、グレーのタイル、セラミックタイル、セラミックタイルの床、アンダーカウンター洗面器、珪岩の洗面台、グレーの床、開き戸のシャワー、グレーの洗面カウンター、トイレ室、洗面台2つ、フローティング洗面台) の写真 —  Houzz