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Kitchen Garden, Refurbishment & Extension

Modern life often focuses on spaces for cooking, eating and entertaining. At Kitchen Garden mirrored walls and mirrored stainless steel elements thoughtfully located transform the kitchen into a spacious, light, joyous place to be, breaking down the barrier between inside and out. A feeling of being in the garden when you are still inside. Gardens offer another room to most homes and by carefully considering the relationship of your home to the greenery outside, another dimension is brought to the way we live Kitchen Garden creates a connection to the garden. Internally, the kitchen island, dining table and cooker hood compose with well-placed mirrors that create a linear separation between inside and outside, a series of thresholds reflecting the vegetation into the home and creating visual playfulness that lightens the structure and prevents and softens that uncomfortable feeling of being in a confined goldfish bowl. The linear rooflight allows light into the home and precisely lines up with the kitchen island below. During the day the shadows created by the light bring the space to life and at night the artificial lighting hung from bespoke hangers creates a warm feeling for those late night dinner parties.