Monkeying Around! Garage Reno!

Garage RENO! Turning your garage into a home gym for adults and kids is just well...SMART! Here, we designed a one car garage and turned it into a ninja room with rock wall and monkey bars, pretend play loft, kid gym, yoga studio, adult gym and more! It is a great way to have a separate work out are for kids and adults while also smartly storing rackets, skateboards, balls, lax sticks and more!

ニューヨークの小さいモダンスタイルのおしゃれなクライミングウォール (白い壁、グレーの床) の写真 —  Houzz

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Krishna MandaさんがアイテムをChestnut Hill Homeに追加しました 一昨日

Love what they did with such little space

Tyler FinkさんがアイテムをHome Gymに追加しました 2020年8月4日

Nearly the exact size I want to build for the home gym

toesosさんがアイテムを2020 Home Gymに追加しました 2020年8月4日

Maximize a Garage Space This amazing design transformed a one-car garage in New York into a climber’s paradise. The pros at Smart Playrooms took advantage of every inch of wall, floor and ceiling space. In addition to climbing and swinging, there’s also space for boxing and practicing yoga. Note the handy racks for storing equipment like racquets, lacrosse sticks, balls and skateboards. The building also serves as a playhouse, and there is a basketball net mounted on the exterior of the building.

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