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Golden Oak

This functional, light-filled home takes full advantage of its bucolic site. With the introduction of the butterfly roof, natural light, ventilation and views are brought into the main gathering spaces. Distance between the private and public zones is created by a shift in geometry where those two meet in plan, to provide a calming and rejuvenating private retreat for the occupants. The structured juxtaposition of materials brings order and warmth to the home’s overall experience, complementing the textures and beauty of the site.

Photo: ©Cesar Rubio

サンフランシスコにあるコンテンポラリースタイルのおしゃれな玄関ドアの写真 —  Houzz

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mezzanine45さんがアイテムをFront Entryに追加しました 2021年9月19日

Perhaps a floating entry roof, not attached to the house at all? A shed profile, with a tapered end over the house roof to match the pitch there, but with a 12” space between in height?

Doug KlingemannさんがアイテムをDK/LK Doug's Ideabookに追加しました 2019年3月20日

I like the color scheme that includes golden oak.

Antoinette Meltonさんがアイテムをantoinette_melton's ideasに追加しました 2018年1月14日

Wood siding color and black trimmed windows=perfection!

Kalyan SahaさんがアイテムをKalyan's ideasに追加しました 2017年11月21日

iron and wood work for dining space

maxine_duncan7さんがアイテムをmaxine_duncan7's ideasに追加しました 2017年8月15日

Coveney Browne architects Perth Stoneville

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