Las Colinas | Northgate | Kitchen (Revive)

we wanted to preserve the mid-century modern feel (talk about a real flashback!), and boy, do we love the results! This kitchen is another perfect example of a project where we did the “lipstick and make-up” – another term for replacing the more cosmetic features such as countertops, backsplash, and the door and drawer fronts. Even doing so, the resulting kitchen leaves us with a breath of fresh air! To learn more about this space, continue reading below:

To start, we removed the soffit in the kitchen making the space look taller. Next, we did not rip out the cabinetry boxes, because we were inspired by the finish and look of what existed. Maintaining the finish of the cabinets helped preserve the retro feel and is a good example of repurposing what you already have! As a result, we replaced the door and drawer fronts with a new slab style in a matching medium stain. In addition to the cabinetry fronts, we installed floating shelves – a perfect spot to display!

For countertops we wanted something light and bright, and also something that would look good with the other finishes. As a result, we kept it simple with a light and bright surface from Caesarstone in the color “Blizzard”

Now for a little fun and a pop of color, the tile. The tile we selected is fresh, exciting, and also ties everything together giving that mid-century modern feel. In a brick-lay installation, we have a Glazzio Crystile Series, in a 4×12 size, with a finish of Soft Mint.

Fixtures and Fittings
Completing the space, we finished the cabinetry with U-Turn knob’s on the doors, and U-turn pulls on the drawers. Then from Blanco, we have a Quatrus stainless steel sink and a Culina mini faucet in satin nickel.

ダラスの中くらいのミッドセンチュリースタイルのおしゃれなキッチン (アンダーカウンターシンク、フラットパネル扉のキャビネット、中間色木目調キャビネット、クオーツストーンカウンター、青いキッチンパネル、ガラスタイルのキッチンパネル、シルバーの調理設備、白いキッチンカウンター) の写真 —  Houzz
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