Ventura, Sandbar | Home Installation | Ballwin, MO

An amazing example of mixing natural wood flooring with an eclectic design sytle. Modern, traditional, and contemporary elements are mixed together to create a truly unique designer for this homeowner's specific taste.

Hallmark Floors Ventura, Sandbar Floors were featured in this home installation.

The Ventura Collection is simply natural, crafted out of French White Oak and finished with Hallmark's NuOil finish, to enhance both durability and design. The wire-brushed planks feature smooth graining characteristics and come in an array of natural colors. This modern-contemporary collection was designed to look gently aged and weather while still highly durable and stain resistant. Visit to see for yourself.

セントルイスの広いエクレクティックスタイルのおしゃれなキッチン (ダブルシンク、フラットパネル扉のキャビネット、白いキャビネット、御影石カウンター、グレーのキッチンパネル、大理石のキッチンパネル、シルバーの調理設備、アイランドなし) の写真 —  Houzz
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