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Waite Residence

Located on a lot along the Rocky River sits a 1,300 sf 24’ x 24’ two-story dwelling divided into a four square quadrant with the goal of creating a variety of interior and exterior experiences within a small footprint. The house’s nine column steel frame grid reinforces this and through simplicity of form, structure & material a space of tranquility is achieved. The opening of a two-story volume maximizes long views down the Rocky River where its mouth meets Lake Erie as internally the house reflects the passions and experiences of its owners.

Photo: Sergiu Stoian

クリーブランドにあるお手頃価格の小さなモダンスタイルのおしゃれなキッチン (アンダーカウンターシンク、フラットパネル扉のキャビネット、白いキャビネット、銅製カウンター、グレーのキッチンパネル、磁器タイルのキッチンパネル、シルバーの調理設備、コンクリートの床、グレーの床) の写真 —  Houzz

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