Grid Apartment | appartamento 80 mq

2017 Rome, Italy
AREA: 80 sq. m.
TYPE: Realized project
FIRM: Brain Factory - Architectyre & Design
ARCHITECT: Paola Oliva
DESIGNER: Marco Marotto

The renovation of this bright apartment located in the Prati district of Rome represents a perfect blend between the customer needs and the design intentions: in fact, even though it is 80 square meters, it was designed by favoring a displacement of the spaces in favor of a large open-space, environment most lived by homeowners, and reducing to the maximum, but always in line with urban parameters, the sleeping area and the bathrooms. Contextual to a wide architectural requirement, there was a desire to separate the kitchen environment from the living room through a glazed system divided by a regular square mesh grille and with a very industrial aspect: it was made into galvanized iron profiles with micaceous finishing and artisanally assembled on site and completed with stratified glazing. The mood of the apartment prefers the total white combined with the warm tones of the oak parquet floor. On the theme of the grid also plays the espalier of the bedroom: in drawing the wall there are dense parallel wooden profiles that have also the function as shelves that can be placed at various heights. To exalt the pure formal minimalism, there are wall-wire wardrobes and a very linear and rigorous technical lighting.

ローマの中サイズのコンテンポラリースタイルのおしゃれなLDK (フォーマル、白い壁、無垢フローリング、茶色い床、暖炉なし、テレビなし) の写真 —  Houzz

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Bello spazio. Forse troppo vetrata la cucina

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Same tables and sofa, dining table idea

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Grid Apartment | appartamento 80 mq
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