Living Luxury トラディショナル-リビング居間

Living Luxury

Colour shot silk draperies reflect the light and seem to dance the night away. The custom cabinets were designed to hold our clients object d'art and travel momentos. The high ceilings give this space a much larger feel - the cabinets are actually quite shallow so it was critical that the millwork details were in proportion to the scale of the room.

john trigiani photography
トロントの中サイズのトラディショナルスタイルのリビング・居間の画像 (フォーマル、黄色い壁、無垢フローリング、標準型暖炉、石材の暖炉まわり、テレビなし、ロフトタイプ) — Houzz


susansews さんが Fireplace Wallsに追加しました
Glass shelves on the side of the fireplace would look good. We need to get the electrician to put a pot light over the area.
jemima1 さんが Lighteningに追加しました
book case lighting and corner light
Jade21 さんが Living Roomに追加しました
love base of shelving with mirror.