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How to build a great room with a great floor

Changzhou Courage New Material Technolog

First of all, we need to choose some good floor colors, and use the whole house to spread the way to improve the overall look and feel

Here are the colors I picked for my clients

This is a SPC floor, no formaldehyde, E0 grade, suitable for home environment, I believe you will like it。

Then the following is a scene diagram showing the panorama. People who like a warm environment can refer to this design and color

The source of the floor is here:spc flooring spc flooring factroy

eryone has seen the overall effect. Of course, choosing a floor is not so simple. You have to look more and find the one that suits you.

It is a good suggestion to spread SPC floor for home improvement, I hope everyone can adopt it

How can I find a good source of flooring? I will give you some suggestions, try to find a flooring factory to connect with, and compare。spc flooring manufacturers

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    The color of the nice flooring gives a warm feeling without being too overbearing. It's a flooring material that I want to grow.