powder room vs bathroom

I have a 2.5x2m bathroom downstairs that really only guests use for toilet. I want to renovate it, and not sure whether to keep a shower in it, or make it into a more spacious and luxurious feel powder room with vanity and toilet only. It’s big enough to fit a shower but not sure if necessary??

We have our ensuite downstairs for the master bedroom and two other bathrooms upstairs where bedrooms are. We do have a pool, and the shower could “theoretically” be used to wash off... but really?? Who does that?? And plus we also have an outdoor shower.

I’m happy to include a shower if everyone thinks it’s better for resale... or can I ditch it for a more spacious powder room???

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  • bigreader
    I like the flexibility of having the shower. But have what works best for your life.
  • oklouise

    with the luxury of so much space it could be possible to have a room that includes a spacious powder room with plumbing included for a modest shower space with plumbing and floor and walls properly waterproofed and, while you don't need the shower, use the space as a storage area so that future owners may simply replace the door with glass and add wall tiles and taps...the small enclosed shower space also creates a more private toilet, tucked out of sight of the open door but, obviously, arrangements depends on the shape of the room and location of existing door and windows

  • siriuskey

    Do you have a floor plan showing the position of the powder room to pool.

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    Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration

    Hi claudiaamonini

    My advice would be to ditch the idea of the shower and go for a larger and luxurious powder room. It will add more value for resale than the amenity of an extra shower (and extra cleaning) and especially as you have the outdoor shower for the pool users. You can be more adventureous with the powder room. Think wallpaper, nice bathroom fittings, interesting lighting. Best wishes

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  • siriuskey

    Is there already a shower in that room?

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    Lynne Bradley Interiors

    I would commit to taking the shower out then and focusing on turning it into a luxurious powder room for guests. You could even have a charming piece of furniture with beautiful folded towels on it in the corner or a little quirky chair to add interest. Contact me directly if you would like further ideas.

  • claudiaamonini
    Hi thanks everyone. There is a shower in there already, but we’ve been in the house five years and never had to use it. We have two bathrooms upstairs and a master ensuite downstairs already. I want to start with a blank canvas and do what’s best.

    The bold side of me wants to ditch the shower and go luxurious powder room. But I’m not sure if this is a stupid idea from a resale point of view? I like the practicality of more storage but the more I cramp in there the less spacious it will feel obviously.