Before & After: A generic kitchen to a space that exudes personality


Amberth managed the design and build of this kitchen in Commercial Road, London.

Before the kitchen renovation, the space felt uninspiring due to the commercial design. Also, there was a lot of unused space that was not easily accessible due to the obstruction of the wall. We transformed the space by introducing a minimalistic design and a distinctive colour palette.

To create more space, part of the wall was removed and this allowed the kitchen to flow into the living room area. The wall units on the back wall were replaced with a to a laminate finish which juxtapose the white gloss lacquer wall units to create balance in the space. Composite stone set against a glass splash back adds a raw edge to this polished kitchen and contrasts to the solid wood breakfast bar. As the client enjoys socialising and entertaining in the space, a small white built in wine fridge was introduced to store wine bottles.

Most times, we do not recommend wooden flooring in a kitchen however this time we did introduce this feature to join the kitchen and dark colour brown of the living room area.

コメント (9)

  • Alice Leake

    Amazing! Love the new design

    AmberthさんはAlice Leakeさんにお礼を言いました
  • sophie_clavier

    Very nice !

  • Hanna Miles

    The new flooring is a great solution for open plan living - love it.

    AmberthさんはHanna Milesさんにお礼を言いました
  • Morgan

    Impressive, I love it!

  • PRO
    LOLA PARIS fábrica decoración mural en tejido 3D

    Nice Renovation! It is a great change.

    AmberthさんはLOLA PARIS fábrica decoración mural en tejido 3Dさんにお礼を言いました
  • Christian Meikle

    Looks great; love the units and the floor. Not so sure about the colour of the breakfast bar though; could be just the lighting in the picture though.

  • PRO
    Seven Design Service

    This is a fabulous transformation!

    AmberthさんはSeven Design Serviceさんにお礼を言いました
  • Huw Buckley

    Stunning! Where did you get the units and worktops from?

    AmberthさんはHuw Buckleyさんにお礼を言いました
  • PRO

    So beautiful! Love the pale blue as an accent.