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lisa gee

hello -

i'd like to move the loveseat into our adjoining den and replace it with a sofa for more seating (plan move the chair into another room as well). Thought this could be an opportunity to bring some color into the room. What style/color would you suggest?

also, that would leave me having to get rid of the side table as the sofa would be longer (although that door is only opened when we need to get large furniture in or out). what would i do for lighting then?

and i know those pictures look strange. that is my son's artwork. planning on a gallery wall with his work in frames so this is just temporary.

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    Nanke Signature Group

    Great space!

    Depending on how much color you wish to incorporate a teal, smoke blue, rust, or mustard yellow sofa would compliment your current palette and pull in some of the rich, vibrant colors from your son's artwork. Another option would be to shoot for an upholstered sofa in a softer neutral like a linen and leave the color for the accessories. In choosing a sofa, the recommendation would be to look for one in a silhouette which pulls a design element or two from your leather pieces- a rolled arm, rivets, or cushion shape. Selecting a piece which has a mix of traditional elements such as tufting and a rolled arm with contemporary elements such as a vibrant color and a rectilinear profile will compliment your existing pieces as well as update your space to welcome more of the artwork!

    Replacing the tree with a floor lamp with a smaller accent table in front of it would satisfy the lighting need. If you find you need more surface space, a really narrow console table behind the existing sofa may be the way to go.

    Here is a palette for inspiration:

    Happy shopping!

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    Bayberry Cottage

    You can bring in color in a variety of ways. You could simply go with a neutral colored couch and then add a colorful rug, pillows, throw, and art. Here are some of our designs that might aid you with this dilemma:

    Azalea Cottage - Living Room · 詳細

    Azalea Cottage - Living Room · 詳細

    The Wayfarer · 詳細

    Living Room · 詳細

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    Jodie White Designs

    Sofa table behind new sofa and lamps.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    So you will now have 2 mismatched sofas and not one bit more seating not sure what you are trying to do. IMO mismatched sofas in a space look odd maybe what you should do is a huge U shaped sectional where there are lots of seats just not very comfortable if just more seating is the plan

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  • lisa gee

    it would be very helpful for me to move the loveseat in the other room replacing a sofa that is older and dated and to replace it with a sofa which would give seating in that room. i love the idea of a pop of color with a new sofa! too much brown right now.

  • lisa gee

    Nanke - I am so sorry it took me so long to thank you. your suggestions regarding color and style were very very helpful!!

  • lisa gee

    bayberry - beautiful rooms. thank you for sending those pics!

  • decoenthusiaste

    Since all three of your dilemmas involve the same room, why not just stick to one thread? This is confusing to break it up into parts and separate posts.

  • chloebud

    I don't think you can go wrong with a neutral sofa color. The one I chose for our family room is very close in color to the one in Bayberry's 4th photo. So easy to work with.

  • Laura Harper

    I would definitely think that a mustard yellow or rustic colors in general would go great with your room! Also, if you don't want to have colored couches, incorporate some colored throw pillows for pops of color!