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What is the range on your prices?
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    G. Fried Carpet & Design

    Hi MacroEcon,

    This is a 100% custom upper hallway and stair runner job that we did a few years ago.

    To be quite honest with you, there are literally hundreds of variables, so off hand, I would not be able to give you an accurate "price range". If my memory serves me correct this job was right around the $10k mark. We fabricate all this material at our warehouse exactly to your home's specifications. It is truly one-of-a-kind, and the "WOW" factor in person is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Let me know if you are interested because we can work our magic with just about any budget.

    Thanks for looking!!

    Matthew B.

    G. Fried Carpet
    495 Route 17
    Paramus, NJ 07652

  • macroecon_l
    Ok i will stop by today.
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    G. Fried Carpet & Design

    Excellent. You can see anyone of our salespeople; they are all decorating experts.

    See you later!