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A recent Installation- choices
are between two of our softest and silkiest rugs- both rugs have touches of
aqua and soft green- one has a bit more color- both are woven form silk and

we all loved both- which one
would you pick?

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  • Corinne Bussey
    Valley Sky for sure
  • PRO
    Rugs by Zhaleh

    Thank you Corrine. Next Wednesday we'll reveal our client's choice ! :)

  • Emily Jowers

    Valley Sky has a lot of interest for a mostly neutral room. For a room with more going on, I might choose Immersive Iceberg, but I think I like Valley Sky better.

    Rugs by ZhalehさんはEmily Jowersさんにお礼を言いました
  • PRO
    Center Hill Staging

    Immersive Iceberg. I love the color in small doses!

  • PRO
    Rugs by Zhaleh

    Emily I understand why you would pick Valley sky as it's touches of the teal totally brought the whole room together but to be honest the photo we have here for the Immersive Iceberg does not show the full beauty of the rug.

    Center Hill Staging , thank you for your input.

  • Memli N Minire Ziba
    Definitely valley sky!
  • Emily Jowers

    On closer inspection, the Immersive Iceberg is very beautiful. I really like the colors in it, but the other one is more my style.