I need artwork suggestions for our living room!

Erin Gray

I need some artwork suggestions and ideas for our main living room wall. I had another post in regards to design suggestions, but this one I am looking for art specific advice and suggestions. Color, style, Photography vs. abstract, etc. Thanks!

P.S. I have absolutely NO decorating skills, so I am clueless for where to even begin with this....

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  • er612

    I would move your sofa to the right and square the gray chairs up with the sofa.

  • Erin Gray

    Thanks! Unfortunately with the shape of our living room and the size of our furniture, we can't move anything... we might be able to move the couch down a foot more towards the chairs but that would be max.

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    Liz Duer Studio

    Here are some wave suggestions. I think it would be good to draw in your black and brown colors...and I think a photo is an option. I don't have the darker one on etsy but if you are interested let me know and I can get you a larger view of it. Here is a link to the lighter one.

  • leelee

    Chairs are turned at different angles : (

    End table too tall for sofa.

    Rug should be centered with the fireplace then add furniture.

    Center chairs with the fireplace and put their front feet on the rug.

  • leelee

    If you want to add color art is the perfect vehicle.

  • shirlpp

    Liz Duer, she can draw in the gray, black and white, but it should also have some other colors - like mustard yellow, oranges...Color is missing in this room.

  • threers

    Consider adding two end tables with lamps on either side of the couch as er612's photo. If there is not enough space for two tables, then add one table and lamp on window side and a floor lamp on the other side. There should also be a lamp on the table between the chairs. Please square off these chairs. Now for the art: hang what you like, in any colors you like...with your black and white color scheme you can use whatever colors you want. The key is not to hang pictures too high: about 58" from the floor to the middle of the work. Look online, check local art shows and shops. Buy what you love and it will look good.

  • leelee

    Liz's art works and is hung the right height. The option is to add color or stay with a monochromatic scheme.

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    Compelling View Interiors

    I would recommend large contemporary photography as the best choice for this room. I would choose ocean/beach print (there are plenty on Etsy) or nature with green scenery.

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    Inner Visions Interiors
    In a black white and gray color scheme adding art with strong warm color adds life
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    Inner Visions Interiors
    Another idea are large, over scaled photos of flowers. Adding these photographs in a back entry way transformed the space from dull to highly personal.
    I suggest you use hot colors red, hot pink, purple or yellow to lift the mood in your mono chromatic room. Have fun with your choice. Look at lots of images, go to museums. Choose something that makes you smile.
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    Heather Freitas Gallery


    . I am not sure if you have found d any artwork that you are looking for but I would love to work with you on a commissioned piece or two of artwork for your home. I am internationally known and recognized for my Eco-Art and the generalized color pallets that I use would work perfectly with this space. If you are interested please check out my projects and message me here or you can view my portfolio at my website . Please note that all my work is currently placed in galleries for the month of November. You can also contact me at !

  • Mazzie

    Instead of art, you might want to consider a framed mirror. If you go the art route, I would consider blues to go with the vase(?) on the side table.

    P.S. I like your coffee table a lot.

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  • Erin Gray

    I just wanted to provide an update on my artwork and thank everyone for their wonderful suggestions! Along with some slight rearrainging, we ended up ordering a couple of pieces from a local artist, Jonathan Havelock ( we are so in love with them! Thanks again to everyone who took the time to provide suggestions and advice!!

  • shirlpp


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    Poonam Choudhary - PooviArtGallery

    Here's some suggestion for your wall you might know more about my Art work and collections please visit my shop on Etsy website -

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    Heather Freitas Gallery

    Erin, thank you for supporting local artists!

  • threers

    A good start to an art collection that is truly yours. My husband and I collected for 50 years and our walls are filled with things we love from artists and places that reflect are tastes and adventures.

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    Heather originals

    Hi, do you need those two big chairs?

    how about giving yourselves more room. Sometimes we think we should keep something cuz we got a deal or had it for a while or... Paid A lot

    def tone down that huge white wall with a Warm gray.

    Move the couch where those two big chair are and float the light modern chair to the right of FP.

    Go for a boost of color with art. The room is a bit cold with all the cool dark gray.

    Go for something Big Square and Fierce


  • havingfun

    i love those, and very happy you should support local!

  • 111ideahound

    I like the ideas being generated here. More color and if you can't do end tables with lamps easily. What about replacing the standing lamp for something bigger and more dynamic?

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    Cinar Interiors, Inc.

    A splash of color would be key to this setting. My wife's play room/knitting room has color tones as your living room. Few months ago she bought (expensive) large colorful paintings to hang in the room. They were a bit loud to me in the beginning due to the amount of color but over time are quite pleasant to have. Very beautiful to look at and the work is astonishing. Similar to the photos I am posting below

  • havingfun

    yes and those type are available on etsy for not to much. i will show some others in case you have begun to look at more. not to replace yours. Saatchiart has some beautiful reasonable ones from all over the world. hard to pin those down though. these are some examples of etsy <$250.

    Original Painting White Horse ARAB Realistic Oil by MODAJAGODA · 詳細

    pallet wall art – Etsy · 詳細

    reclaimed wood wall art items on Etsy | Unique & Handmade · 詳細

    Tall Birches Palette Knife Forest Trees by AfremovArtStudio · 詳細

    Oil Painting Abstract Painting Canvas Art by GeorgeMillerArt · 詳細

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    Shoa Gallery

    Check out our artwork here: Many sizes and color to choose from. You can use coupon code FB15NOV16 to get 15% off (ends today).

    Some suggestions below. Many other colors available.

    Enjoy decorating!