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We are about to start build on a kitchen extension to create a kitchen/diner/lounge. My dilemma is how via lighting we zone each of the areas. For dining areas the usual advice is 1 or three pendants but the dining table is likely to move from time to time. Any advice on how to light and zone these spaces much appreciated.

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  • campo73
    This article may be helpful to give you some food for thought http://www.madaboutthehouse.com/how-to-get-kitchen-lighting-right-the-kitchen/. I tend to like a pendant over the dining table too, maybe a light like the flos string would allow you the flexibility to install a light which could be moved.
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    JLM Architecture Limited

    I would be inclined to use a mix of lighting provision, from pendants where you plan to locate the dining table plus over the island to wall uplighters, spots in 2-3 clusters and unit lighting. Ensure switches at at each door entry point and lights can be controlled individually in their respective zones.

    I would always recommend if the budget allows consulting with a lighting designer to get the most out of the space; I would highly recommend Sam Coles who you can find on Houzz.

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    Grahams Hi-Fi Ltd

    Although not directly related to light fittings, have you considered other aspects to the renovation such as lighting control, music systems?

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    Great article above, it gives few helpful tips also mentioned by JLM Architecture Limited. It really come down to personal preferences and needs, and consulting a professional will give you the best results.

    We would love to see the ens result.