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What is the brand / name of the rug?

Antique Serapi in Townhouse · 詳細

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    Thanks for your question: this is an antique Serapi carpet, circa 1880. All of these types of rugs are handmade, one-of-a-kind antiques. We have many fine examples of this type of rug in our inventory. Feel free to contact us!

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    Real Persian Rugs OLDCARPET

    Sarab (Serab) is a small town 636 kilometers away from Tehran, and 130 kilometers away from Tabriz in Northwestern Iran.

    The district of Sarab is situated between the high mountains of Bozquosh and the peak of Sabalan. It has temperate weather in the summer while it is very cold in the winter.

    The town of Sarab is one of the oldest and historic settlements of Azerbaijan.

    The volcanic mountains which are situated around the town provide the area with many mineral water springs. It's located in the path of many tribal peoples such as the Shasavan.

    The rugs of Sarab, which are also known as Serapi, have light, rather bright color schemes.

    The usual adjective for "from Sarab" would be "Sarabi". This changed to "Serapi".

    In 1876, about the time when Sarabi rugs were coming on the market in England, the Prince of Wales made a trip to India on the H.M.S. Serapis.

    The similarity of the names led to the form "Serapi" for the rugs.


    Serapi Persian Rug

    9' 10" x 10' 9"

    Serapi Persian Rug

    9' 0" x 11' 3"

  • Adele Casden

    Where can i buy this area rug?