What is the type of wood and treatment on the walls? Thank you.

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  • jhmfred
    I wish to white wash new knotty pine tongue and groove wall planks. Do you know the paint products and techniques used to produce the finish on these walls?
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    DreamBuilders Renovations and Repairs
    I am working on a project similar to this. What is the wood type and what is the colour of the paint? What type of paint mixture did you have to do to get the whitewash effect.
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    Mottl Cabinetry
    As a furniture and cabinet builder my advice would be to go to a local builders store, pick up some pine (your picture), and then purchase several stains you like.

    1. Apply different stains to the planks and let it dry/cure for a couple of days.
    2. Check it out in your space in direct sunlight, in shade, in the evening.

    You will eventually find something you really like. Its worth experimenting with different boards first.

    Good Luck!
  • gwencord
    What stains are safe for indoor use? You can not use exterior stains indoors.