Floorplan Layout/Design Help!!!

Bedroom #4 is too small at 10x10.5'. I can't move the outer walls or the location of the stairs, but would like to optimize the layout to make bedroom #4 larger without compromising too much of the master or other bedrooms.

any ideas appreciated!! Thank you!

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    Manias Associates Building Designers

    Hi - Could you show the ground floor - to see what walls are load bearing and what can be moved upstairs

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    Mark Bischak, Architect

    I see problems. Consider how clothes on a rod turns a corner, roofs drain, roofs conflict with doors and windows, furniture conflicts with windows, cleaning around bathtubs, . . .

  • bunnyllg
    I see no bathroom access for bedroom #4. All others bedrooms ( including MB) have ensuite bathrooms. Can you eliminate bedroom #4 and add that square footage to the adjacent bedroom and bath?
  • Denise Marchand

    Sometimes I wonder what the architects' office was thinking when they layout a house! Here are two quick sketches for suggestions.

    1) The bathroom for bedroom #3 must be moved around so that the door is accessed in the hallway so that bedroom #4 has use of a bathroom. I didn't show it but it's very simple since there isn't rhyme or reason for the plumbing schedule.

    2) The First Plan has the Laundry room and Bedroom #4 switched. The door to Bedroom #4 can be moved out towards the hall, but I liked the niche going into the room. Bedroom #4 is now much larger. You also have an option to make it a sitting room for the Master Bedroom by flipping the door/closet in Bedroom #4.

    3) The laundry room is a good size and it eliminates having a bedroom butting up to the Master. The large walk in closet is eliminated altogether, adding a substantial closet on the common Laundry Room wall and a smaller walk in near the bathroom. It does offset the french door/window (?) but it adds interest and is a good place for that tv.

    4) The bathroom was shuffled around without so much waste of space. If you feel that you don't want the Master Bathroom door in your Bedroom, move Bedroom #4's closet wall into Bedroom #4 accessing the Master Bath next to the vanity. You could also have the access to the walk-in closet from the bathroom. Unless you were going to use Bedroom #4 for a glorious Closet/Dressing Room, I never understand walk-in closets or closets in bathrooms.

    5) The second plan keeps everything the same as the first plan except eliminating the walk-in and flanking the bathroom door with two closets.

    I know this is quite a bit of information/suggestions and if you need some clarification, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Also, no one gets "butt hurt" if this isn't for you, so comment all you want. We love to help!

  • Denise Marchand

    Here's some inspiration pics:

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