Need help with kitchen

Our kitchen is about 7 years old and we want to bring more color into it. We are thinking of changing the cabinets, at least the glass part of them...
Any good ideas for a new backsplash? In the pictures you will see we have black granite and white tiles on the walls.
Maybe change the floor as well.
Any suggestions?

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    Harmoni Designs, LLC
    You could bring warmth and texture to the space by installing hardwood flooring. If you have a good amount of overhead lighting, then a darker wood species such as Brazilian cherry could look very nice. A matching wood back splash would be nice as well.
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    Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC
    Maybe considering a textured colored bsplash. Do you want to change the flooring? It seems costly. I would with bsplash and maybe change out the pantry cab Drs to a corresponding colored glass as well.
  • ffban
    I find dark wood floors very nice but I dont think it would be too practical in a kitchen.

    Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC: I like the idea of taking the granite out the wall and replace the white tiles under the cabinets so I can adding a colourful backsplash. Any suggestions on what to add? I know some people do mosaics, others just add one color glass tiles...
    One thing we are definitely changing are the metal fixtures.
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    Lifestyle Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC
    I would look at Glazzio tiles. A linear random color palette with blues, creams , white and dark grey. That would make it pop and tie in the stainless and cream with black ctop. black or white appliances will not help. You will cheapen the look of this kitchen.
  • Brown Dog
    I think your kitchen has really good bones! I like your cabinets, counters and floor tile. The wall tile, however, is a missed opportunity and kind of looks like it's floor tile. I would replace it with something with a lot more texture and style and I would go with a neutral colour other than black or white. Replace the curtain above the sink with a roman blind in a colourful fun fabric. Add a funky colourful mat on the floor. Maybe get rid of some of the clutter on the countertops. Replace the clear candy dish and the fruit bowl with something modern and colourful.
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  • flyr4fun
    It's a very euro-cool, modern look that works for me with the exception of the white wall tile and the curtain. I think you would get more of a changed look by getting rid of the white wall tile and keeping the floor. Once you get that tile off the wall, you have many more design choices that are open to you to go crazy with color if you want.
  • ffban
    We wil change the wall tiles, when we bought the apartment they were up already. We are not sure about which paint to use on the white all. We are looking for color but something that will not darken the kitchen. The only paint we do not want is green...